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Manager - Tennessee Mountain Golf

Golf Package Planner




Ten years ago my husband and I visited Tennessee and fell in love with the breathtaking beauty of the area, the mild climate and the friendly people. Originally from Lavonia, Michigan we made a huge decision and packed up our 2 children and moved to Tennessee!

We absolutely love it here.

Seven years ago, I began coordinating golf vacations at Tennessee Mountain Golf, a division of Gwin Realty, LLC. Over the years, I have booked thousands of golf packages and know how to make your golf trip an experience you will not forget!


I will be happy to customize your vacation with as much or as little golf as you wish. I will also be happy to arrange for special services (i.e., booking dinner reservations, special facilities for your group, grocery shopping and set up,etc.). I have years of experience to ensure vacation plans go without a hitch.

I KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR VACATION MEANS TO YOU! That is why I will do everything in my power to make sure you package is a success!

Call me and I will help you customize your perfect vacation!


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