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For 25 years I was blessed to be a published artist, working from my home studio in rural Ohio. I kept very busy, and was quite content raising four children and helping to run our 34-acre horse farm. I loved everything about my life and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. That is, until we discovered Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.

The lush forests, the crystal-clear water, those bright BLUE skies… How could we not have fallen in love with this place? As we began to learn about the near-perfect weather, low tax rates and energy savings, Fairfield Glade became our Unexpected Adventure of a Lifetime! We went back to Ohio, put our farm on the market, and six months later my husband, 10-year-old son, and I were residents of Tennessee.

Since then, two of my other children have followed us South. In fact, my daughter, Callan, and her husband live right next door to us. My son, Ralf, is a visual Effects Artist living and working in Knoxville. My son, Stephen, is still in Ohio, making his living as an actor and comedy writer in Columbus. My youngest son, Christian, is now an 8th grader. He’s sweet, smart, and he makes me laugh every day. My husband, Norm, is an Engineering Consultant. I still find time to create for my publisher and my images can be seen on wallpaper, flags, greeting cards, pillows, dinnerware, etc., as well as galleries in Nashville and Knoxville. We make the most of our resort community, hiking the many trails that surround us, swimming in the pools, kayaking the lakes, playing golf, camping, and taking our Jeeps 4-wheeling in the nearby mountains.

Selling the old home (that I never thought I would leave) and finding the new home (that I never knew I could love) has been an extraordinary experience. Having recently been through the process myself, I understand both the joy and the stress of such an endeavor. Because I truly love my new community and all that it offers, I enjoy helping others to navigate their very own Adventure of a Lifetime. Whether you are looking for the home to live out your Tennessee Experience, or needing to sell the one you are in because your journey is taking you elsewhere, let’s do it together.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
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