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My wife and I are originally from Chicago. In 1982 we moved to the small town of San Miguel, California which, at that time, had a population of less than 2,000. From 1982 until 2008 I worked for the Department of Defense while serving in the National Guard. My wife and I also spent 10 years on the San Miguel Volunteer Fire Department.


While attending a month of technical training at the National Guard base in Smyrna, Tennessee, I began exploring Tennessee as a possible retirement destination. During the next few years my wife and I continued our research until finally deciding upon Cumberland County, TN. Finally, in 2013, we made the "Big Move" and have never looked back. We have found the people to be friendly and the surroundings beautiful. We have four seasons but not nearly as severe as in the Midwest.


While visiting friends in Chicago, I told them about Fairfield Glade and Cumberland County and what the area has to offer. When I told them about the 5 golf courses in Fairfield Glade, as well as the other courses in the area, they were impressed. Then I told them about the additional amenities and clubs in Fairfield Glade and they realized that there was plenty to satisfy both of their needs. Shortly afterwards they visited the area and made the move. About a year later another of our friends visited and decided to make Fairfield Glade his home. Another feature was that they were only a one day drive from family (such as grand kids). Imagine that... the class of 1966 discovers the perfect retirement spot. Stay tuned! There may be more to follow.


In closing, I would like to assure buyers as well as sellers that their needs will be served with the utmost of Honesty, Integrity, and Diligence. I look forward to the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.


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