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"Everything I do is for you, and you will always be my first priority. My business is built on honesty, hard work and dedication. I just happen to be a Realtor."

Fred Porter is a real estate professional for the number one real estate company in Orange County, Tarbell Realtors. Raised in Southern California, Fred is knowledgable about the area's geography and can assist you in finding your perfect home. He knows that this is one of the most personal moments in someone's life and is strategic, dedicated, and will work tirelessly to find your perfect home with you. Always staying on top of the latest trends, Fred keeps his clients educated throughout the process. He prides himself on keeping in contact with his clients and making sure the transaction goes effortlessly smooth. Passionate about his craft, he is a strong negotiator with a collective demeanor and knows when to listen and when to speak. In his eyes, this is more than just a business deal and he will dig deep into the details to find exactly what you are looking for. He feels the greatest compliment you could give him would be an invite to your move-in day celebration and ultimately a referral. When not working, Fred enjoys spending time with his family, his dogs, and watching or playing sports. Because he treats his clients needs and wants as his own, never hesitate to contact him.

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