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Excellence, competence, and ability

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When you want and expect world class service, why not hire a world class Realtor?

San Joaquin Memorial graduate, Class of 1983, Valedictorian

BS, Biochemistry, UC Davis, 1988

Held many positions in Research and Development in many household name companies and research institutions, including:

Chevron Chemical Company, Hilltop Mall, Richmond CA, 1988-1990

Gilead Sciences, Foster City CA, 1990

Affymax Research Institute/Affymetrix, Palo Alto CA, 1991-1992

First or sole author of the following articles published worldwide (EU, Asia, and the United States):

"The Adaptogens Part 1: Can they really help your running?" Running Research News, 11(5), 1-5, June-July 1995.

"Can Adaptogens Help Athletes Reduce Their Risk of Infections and Overtraining?" Running Research News, 11(9), 1-7, November 1995.

"Introduction to Adaptogens: Parts 1, 2, 3."Smart Drug News, 5(6-8), 1997.

"Introduction to Eleutherococcus: Parts 1, 2." Smart Drug News, 5(10-11), 1997.

Adaptogens: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Pharmacology, Part 1. Int J Oriental Med 23(1): 1-18, March 1996.

"Adaptogens: Secret of Russian Success?", Inside Tennis, December 1996.

Winner, JA Farina Memorial Scholarship, CA Association of Realtors, June 2004.

I make sure you are treated like a world class individual (because you are). Please call or email me to find out how smooth and effortless a real estate transaction was meant to be.

I also specialize in the challenges and complexities of 1031 Exchanges and investment properties, custom homes and construction, new development properties, as well as commercial-professional offices.


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